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Community looking after community.

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At MMACG, our vision is to redefine in-home aged care services for seniors across parts of South Australia, to challenge the assumption that ageing means losing independence and choice.

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With dedicated, local community support workers, with that community-style respect, our caregiving helps transform this wonderful time of life… so as older adults, you can do more of what you love. With MMACG, our sense of family creates that change.

From regional origins to SA-wide support

Community-based care has always been at the heart of who we are and what we do.

In 1994, Murray Schache, a community local, rallied neighbours to fix a problem: the need for specialised, elderly support services in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia.

From his advocacy, Murray Bridge, Karoonda East Murray, Mid-Murray, Coorong, and Southern Mallee councils united to build a non-profit organisation. MMACG. A Board of Directors was formed, comprised of local council representatives, many of whom remain today.

A vision for the future

Today, we continue to proudly service this region and have since opened a retirement living community, Warner Close, to support people at that transitional period – those who are downsizing and independent, but who would like the choice of aged care and medical services close by.

MMACG extended into the metropolitan Adelaide, after responding to a call from city communities for country-like care in the city.

Our vision for the future is here. To help more families – in regional, rural, and Adelaide – experience empowered aged care with a country and community heart.

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A vision for the future

Murray Schache, a community local, rallied neighbours to address a problem: the desperate need for specialised, elderly support services in the rural, remote Murray Mallee region of South Australia.

Representatives from the nine councils devised a concept: a unique collaboration that would be nationally recognised as a model for aged care services delivery.

Each council nominated a community representative who worked in aged care. Collectively, these advocates (the Board of Directors) identified needs, available resources, and communicated information throughout the region. Not-for-profit, each council agreed to commit to ongoing financial support.

The Federal Government’s introduction of Community Aged Care Packages (CACPs) inspired the ‘group’ to apply for 20 packages. With a successful first funding round, the ‘group’ formalised into MMACG.

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Nine become five

Amalgamation saw the nine councils shrink to five. MMACG now included Coorong District Council, Karoonda East Murray, Rural City of Murray Bridge, Mid Murray Council (previously District Council of Mannum, District Council of Morgan, District Council of Ridley-Truro, and part of the District Council of Mount Pleasant), and Southern Mallee (was Pinnaroo Council and Lameroo Council).

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MMACG transferred its ‘home’ base to an attractive 1940’s stone premises, prominently located at 74 Adelaide Road, Murray Bridge.


Our administration office shifted to 2A Myall Avenue, Murray Bridge.

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Award winning care

MMACG took home the Workcover SA Health Award (for the Murraylands and Riverland), as well as the Overall Winner at the Advantage Regional Awards.

Workcover sa health award 2012


Continued excellence

Brand SA recognised MMACG as the winner of the Workcover SA Health Award (for the Murraylands and Riverland). The Australian Government established MyAgedCare as a single hub for information and access to subsidised aged care support.

Workcover sa health award 2013


Hat trick

For the third consecutive year, MMACG won the Workcover SA Health Award (for the Murraylands and Riverland). Brand SA acknowledged MMACG becoming a Farmers Union Iced Coffee Hall of Fame Inductee.

2014 regional awards hall of fame


Headed for the big city

Adelaide metropolitan called for country-like, aged care support. MMACG heard. The group extended into the city, with a vision to help more families experience empowered aged care with a country-community heart. MMACG opened a division in Campbelltown, later moving to North Adelaide.

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Five pillars of reform

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety commenced, which led to 148 recommendations to reform the system. This created an opportunity for the aged care sector to be analysed in a public and considerate manner – improvements which MMACG welcomed. The five pillars of the reforms included home care, residential aged care services and sustainability, quality and safety, workforce, and governance. This led to thousands of new home care packages to assist the elderly remain in their homes for many years to come.

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A new venture

After 25 years proudly serving the Murray Mallee, a new opportunity to support seniors through the transition period arose – for those downsizing and independent but requiring aged care and medical services close by, MMACG opened its first retirement living community, Warner Close.

Warner Close 23


Pandemic response

MMACG’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic required the team to develop a comprehensive business continuity plan that guided the day-to-day operations. Like always, the safety of clients was at the forefront of all decision-making, guided by the management team under the stewardship of the board. CEO, Anna Howard, shared how pleased she was in the organisation’s improved technological capabilities, adoption of a centralised quality management system, and tireless service.

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30th Anniversary Milestone

2024 marks a significant milestone in the history of Murray Mallee Aged Care Group as we celebrate our 30th anniversary. Over three decades, we have been dedicated to serving and caring for the elderly in our community. Our growth has been considerable, expanding our services from Murray Bridge to the Adelaide Metro area and establishing Warner Close, our retirement community. This development further exemplifies our commitment to comprehensive elder care. This anniversary commemorates our past achievements and reaffirms our dedication to the future and the continued well-being of those we serve.

Executive Management Group

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Anna Howard


Since 2014

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Headshots Head Office 13
Foster Davis

Deputy CEO & Operations Manager

since 2013

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Wendy Bartlett

Finance Manager

since 2001

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Amy Joinbee

Home Care Manager

since 2023

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Heide Callery

Clinical Manager

since 2016

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Board Members

MMACG Board Member 4
Trevor Kerley


Representative since 2011

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MMACG Board Member 1
Robert Sexton

Public Officer

Representative since 2002

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MMACG Board Member 3
Noel Kneebone

Community Member

Representative since 2022

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MMACG Board Member 5
Robert Macdonald

Community Member

Representative since 2019

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MMACG Board Member 8
Linda Beauchamp

Community Member

Representative since 2009

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MMACG Board Member 6
Melanie Avion

Community Member

Representative since 2021

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Lesley Zadow

Community Member

Representative since 2024

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Next caring steps

Seeking in-home care is a relief and a liberation. Our care is about helping seniors do more of what you enjoy, in the safety of family-like company.

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