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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding caregiving.

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Making the choice to seek support as you age is empowering. At MMACG, we help make the sometimes-overwhelming process of securing a home care package, simpler. We’re here by your side, through it all.

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You’re likely to have lots of questions that need answers. Right here is a good place to start.

What can a home care package be used for?

Our support services are extensive and varied. It includes personal care such as showering, meal preparation, cooking and eating, help around the home (laundry, dishes, gardening, cleaning and maintenance), transport to appointments, and assistance with technology as well as emotional support. We help with your everyday needs at home.

How do I know which level I am?

After you have your assessment through My Aged Care the Aged Care Assessment Team will inform you which level of care you fall into.

Will I have the same care workers everyday?

We strive to keep the staff consistent. However, you’re likely to have more than one regular carer to ensure best practice and accountability. You may also have someone who covers shifts, if your regular care worker is unavailable. We’ll let you know over the phone if your regular support worker cannot attend and will be happy to provide information about the carer to expect.

Can I make changes to my care plan?

Yes, at any point during your care plan, we can make changes with you. Please note, there is an annual review for all our care plans. If you would like to make any updates at any time, contact our office.

How long until I can get home care services?

There are four levels of home care packages. The wait times are dictated by the Australian Government and can be found on the My Aged Care website. As at July 2022, the wait times for all packages was 3-6 months. Once your home care package is assigned, we can start almost immediately.

How much will it cost?

The Australian Government pays for the bulk of home care services for the elderly. Your income will determine how much funding you have access to.

What if I already have a cleaner or gardener? Can I use them?

Yes, you can. Please share the contact details with MMACG, so we can ensure they’re compliant (i.e. hold a police check and regular insurance). This is standard practice for all external providers we use.

How can I share my compliments or feedback?

If you would like to communicate your thoughts about our aged care service (anonymously or with your name), please use our feedback form.

Next caring steps

Seeking in-home care is a relief and a liberation. Our care is about helping seniors do more of what you enjoy, in the safety of family-like company.

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