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Celebrating Valentine's Day

31 Jan 2023

Celebrating Valentine's Day on 14th February can be a fun and unique experience, whether you're sharing it with a partner or just on your own. For others, it can cause heartache as they remember the love of their life who may have passed. Whatever your circumstance, there are ways that you can make the day special.

For couples:

  • Take a romantic walk together and take in the scenery and reminisce about good times.
  • Prepare a special dinner together at enjoy it at home, perhaps with a candle or romantic music playing.
  • Enjoy a special movie that has meaning to you both and add in some popcorn too!
  • Go out for a special date night.

For singles:

  • Treat yourself to something special, like a nice dinner or spa day.
  • Have a fun game night with friends.
  • Spend the day exploring a new place.
  • Make a special Valentine's Day-themed craft.
  • Bake a heart-shaped cake or cookies and share it with friends or enjoy for yourself!

To remember a loved one:

  • Create a special photo album or scrapbook filled with pictures, stories, and memories of the people they love.
  • Write down their favourite memories of loved ones in a journal or write a letter to them as if they would read it.
  • Create a digital photo album and share it with family and friends.
  • Creating a special Valentine's Day card or gift for each loved one or gathering the family together for a special dinner or activity.

Whatever you choose to do, you can surround yourself with love and support on Valentine's Day.

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